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How much would you pay for your wedding?

In our experience, fixed price wedding packages are gaining in popularity. Since we launched our £4,999 wedding package, the number of enquiries and most importantly, the number of bookings our wedding co-ordinator has taken have both increased substantially.

But why? Has the price of an ‘average’ wedding really got so out of hand? Well, according to a piece on the BBC website today, (which was written in response to an article in Country Life) the average cost of a UK wedding in 2016 was £27,000. And that figure rises to £38,000 in London. When you consider there are around 250,000 marriages a year in England and Wales, that’s a heck of a lot of money!

The annual average income in the UK stands at a little over £27,000, so the figures imply that a whole year of gross pay is needed to pay for a wedding…Wow!

Wedding packages in Somerset

Fixed price wedding packages take away a great deal of uncertainty. With our £4,999 package you know that the events suite and bar are all hired. Wedding guests will be well fed and wine is supplied with the meal (plus sparkling for the toast). The cost also includes an evening reception and buffet for 100 guests and a night in a fantastic suite. We also include all sorts of other useful extras in the package. (You can view the details here.)

Wedding Packages Somerset suite

According to the website Bridebrook (who looked at the cost of 20,000 UK weddings) 4% of those held in the South East of England cost in excess of £100,000. To most, an eye-watering sum of money. Is it really worth it? Is one day worth so much money?

We aren’t here to pass judgement on how people should spend their salaries. All we know is that in the time we have been hosting weddings, (many decades) wedding parties really appreciate our experienced, professional and friendly team. Whether the wedding party consists of 2 or 150 the same high level of attention to detail applies.

Wedding Packages Somerset group

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And it doesn’t matter if the wedding party spends £4,999 or £149,999, they still enjoy the same amazing view. That’s something you can’t put a price on!